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The 600 npi CF3 inkjet printhead from TOSHIBA TEC is designed for a wide range of industrial applications, including labels and packaging, corrugated, coding, signs and graphics, roll-to-roll printing of business forms. CF3 is designed for single-pass or scan-based printing in various orientations on flat or curved surfaces.

In addition to single-colour 600 npi printing, CF3’s dual ink inlets allow 2 different colours to be printed simultaneously at 300 npi per colour. This feature introduces new, compact printing options for press manufacturers. In both dual and single ink modes, CF3 uses small-volume, multi-droplet greyscale levels to achieve full, single-pass coverage at high speeds, while maintaining accurate dot placement and excellent print quality with ultra-fine details.

CF3 incorporates through-channel fluid recirculation with side shooter architecture. Ink is pumped constantly across all nozzle openings to eliminate air bubbles and particle sedimentation, increasing printhead reliability and minimising maintenance down-time. It also facilitates the use of higher viscosity inks, carrying larger and heavier pigment particles, such as white ink and industrial coatings.

Highly consistent print density across single and multiple heads is achieved by the unique ability to fine-tune the drop volume and firing time of every single nozzle in the CF3 printhead. This feature ensures exceptionally smooth stitching of multiple heads in single-pass colour bars.