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Ronchini Massimo (RM)-Robocut3D 6kg solution is targeted and designed for the education sector and is used to teach students the fundamentals of robotics. The machine is equipped with the small robot KR AGILUS, the perfect tool for learning the basics of robot operation programming.

A turnkey robotic milling solution, the Ronchini Massimo – RoboCut 3D line of machines specialise in foams, resins, plastics, wood and stone. Additionally, the machine can create programs using a CAD/CAM process chain and, after simulation, execute them in robotic language.
The training cell consists of the following components:
KR6 R900 sixx
KR C4 compact
1 Kw Spindle for milling
Pneumatic gripper for pick & place training
Panel with operator control and display
Application plate from KUKA College

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